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Seniors Could Migrate To Small Towns and Bring Them To Life

I am excited about bringing the community aspects of seniors condominium living to small towns. Create a net migration of seniors fleeing the large urban communities to nest in smaller municipalities, and with that, lower the cost of their housing and make a comfortable retirement accessible.

With housing and health care costs rising significantly for seniors as the demand swells – literally as the baby boom bump hits this care phase and more people compete for limited living assisted care or seniors only living – we need new solutions.

One would be to build such housing in rural towns. As stated below, we can realize a lower cost of residency for the seniors in smaller communities.

But better, if done right, the communities will be the ultimate benefactors – the focus being health care.

It’s a chicken/egg problem. Seniors don’t inhabit small towns due to a lack of easily accessible medical treatment. Small towns have problems growing because they lack a variety of services including, importantly, medical care.

We can break this chicken/egg problem by building assisted care communities. These communities hire trained and certified nursing and medical staffing. Done right, and working with the regional health care boards, these professionals could have split time jobs – part-time for the assisted care facility, and part-time for the health care region. Indeed, balanced correctly, this could be a way to subsidize the cost of nursing and trained medical receptionists for the always overworked, underappreciated, and often difficult to find rural general practitioner. We could work on using a seniors complex to incentivise doctors to practice in rural communities by sharing costs with the housing facility.

Perhaps the hosing facility has a medical clinic as part of the building, with an outside/separate entrance for the public use.

And if a small community can attract some accessible medical treatment, which is one of the most significant hurdles to overcome in growing the town, everybody wins.

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