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About CondoFeed

CondoFeed is the blog of 247Condo, a software and consulting company for Condominiums and Strata. Our software includes CondoPapers – a document delivery platform for management companies, and CondoTop – condominium management software for both self and managed corporations that has a unique focus on allowing boards and managers to collaborate in real time.

Stephen Cassady, who writes the vast majority of articles has a significant background in condominium. Along with owning 247Condo, Stephen’s experience includes:

  1. Past board member of 205 unit condominium, past president of 107 unit condominium, for 5 years of board experience
  2. President of the Canadian Condominium Institute – South Alberta since 2009
  3. National Council of the Canadian Condominium Institute (National) since 2008-2011
  4. Executive Board of the Canadian Condominium Institute (National) since 2011
  5. Member Province of Alberta’s Condominium Property Act Review Committee since 2009
  6. Teaching multiple courses on condominium responsibility and the Alberta Condominium Property act
  7. Founding Member of a multi-organization initiative to unify condominium education in Alberta
  8. 3 years of crisis management work

A selected list of his consulting clients include:

  • City of Calgary, Water Services
  • Province of Alberta, Elections Alberta

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