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Stephen Cassady Authors A Fun, Lighthearted Fantasy Book

As part of taking a break from blog writing, I’ve authored a fun sword and sorcery fiction book full of combat, humor, and a cast of crazy characters – including the main character, Pinty Lightbottom!

You can find out more and read reviews here:

I hope you enjoy!

The plot of “Melee, Magic & Puke”:

At three-and-a-half feet tall, Pinty Lightbottom is the shortest psychopathic bar owner and professional adventurer in all the realms.

When his ex-fiancee is kidnapped, her father conscripts Pinty to bring her back home. Things get more complex when the rescue mission leads Pinty into the middle of a full-on war inside the local thieves guild.

In doing what he does best, Pinty is abused, beaten, stabbed, sliced, clawed, drowned, berated, poisoned, and otherwise exploited by everybody he meets. It doesn’t help that his ego well exceeds his cranium (so one might say the abuse is well earned).

As Pinty cuts a bloody swath through the mystery of the guild war, we meet his many companions, including his ever-loyal Muel; Mavis, the head cook at his pub the Bottom Up; and Gloom, a cat with the nasty habit of turning invisible in a murderous rage of hunger.

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