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tag line “Helping Boards Manage”
product marketed to Management Companies
Managed Boards
Self-Managed Boards
daily users Condominium Management Consultants

CondoTop is about instantly accessing the entire history of your condominium – the unit histories, the documents, the projects, the conversations, and events.

The biggest barrier to better decision making for condominium corporations are the constant, unavoidable, change of board members and management companies that operate our buildings.

Each time a board member leaves they take with them a lot of knowledge about our buildings. Each time we switch management companies we lose our records of maintenance, repair, and history.

With CondoTop, those documents and activities are stored, archived, and indexed to make them easy and accessible to everyone. We don’t lose the documents about our buildings, and we stop the vicious cycle of redoing or undoing what past boards have done to build value.

For management companies, our clients are offering exceptional levels of service to their clients by using CondoTop to share the records they keep in real time with their boards. Our clients experience stronger client relationships using CondoTop’s collaborative feature to create the knowledge sharing and transparency board are demanding.


tag line “Condo Documents On Demand”
product marketed to Management Companies
daily users Owners
Realestate Agents

CondoPapers focuses on getting condominium owners, realtors, and lawyers the documents they need, right now.

CondoPapers works exclusively with condominium management companies to maintain and build a growing list of documents that are accessible and available to purchasers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We do this with the most used, tested, and functional online system for condominium management employees to use. To quote one client directly: “I love how easy this is! It’s awesome!”

Our clients range from very small boutique companies that manage only a handful of buildings, to those that manage huge numbers of buildings in different cities.

Having delivered tens of thousands of documents to owners, realtors and lawyers we are excited about how we benefit the condominium industry. Every day we continue to work on ensuring that condominium management companies receive the personal attention required to make CondoPapers a value to your services, and positive impact to your bottom line.

CondoPapers follows the following business practices to be the most reliable and successful partner your can work with:

  1. Unlimited Free Management SupportSigning up with Condo Papers means unlimited training and support. No matter what your staff is like, no matter what your staff turnover, Condo Papers offers all the support required for every employee involved in distributing documents to use Condo Papers.
  2. Unlimited Free Purchaser SupportCondo Papers is happy to handle all purchaser support for you. It is not unknown for Condo Papers to stay on the phone for 45 minutes to help a “first time ever purchasing something online” realtor buy a single document. We provide unlimited patience and unlimited understanding to your document purchasers, to make sure their experience is first rate.
  3. Focus On The Management Company NeedsCondo Papers’ mandate is to build tools for Management Companies. That is our single purpose, and as such, we continually evolve Condo Papers to meet the changing needs in online purchaser expectations, and research and develop new technology and features that are designed to add value to your business.

CondoPapers offers the following to all our clients:

  1. 24 hour document access
  2. Extensive and real-time reporting
  3. Data collection for legal and legislative requirements
  4. Dynamic watermarking to protect against document resale
  5. Brand or shield which buildings, and number of buildings, you manage
  6. Users can sign up for new document notifications by building
  7. Full document management from any internet connection
  8. Secure, access controlled distribution
  9. No fees to you for documents you distribute for free
  10. Easiest system possible to manage your documents online
  11. Non-exclusive contract – still sell traditionally
  12. Condo Papers pays all credit card processing fees
  13. No set up fees, no exit fees

247Condo Consulting Services

tag line “Making Condominium Life Better”
product marketed to Government
Private Sector

247Condo Consulting Service is about transferring the right knowledge, or developing the right response, to make government, the private sector, or an individual board meet outstanding challenges in regards to condominium.

247Condo offers a consulting service to agencies, companies and boards looking for additional expertise in solving sales, marketing or owner issues in the condominium industry. Consulting services are provided by Stephen Cassady who has the following experience:

  1. Board member of 205 unit condominium, past president of 107 unit condominium
  2. President of the Canadian Condominium Institute – South Alberta since 2009
  3. National council of the Canadian Condominium Institute (National) since 2009
  4. Member Province of Alberta’s Condominium Property Act Review Committee since 2009
  5. Taught multiple courses on condominium responsibility and the Alberta Condominium Property act
  6. Founding Member of a multi-organization initiative to unify condominium education in Alberta
  7. 3 years of crisis management work

A selected list of clients include:

  • City of Calgary, Water Services
  • Province of Alberta, Elections Alberta
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