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In Defense of Plastic Santas

In this month, when the frenzy of displaying religious beliefs with copious amounts of coloured lights and plastic Santas, candy canes, and sleighs becomes the norm, remember that you have condominium and HOA bylaws. Most will put a damper on your activities.

One condominium only allows white coloured lights for display, and fines for any colour other than white. Others are very mindful that decorations aren’t allowed on common property – but deeded and assigned used (like a porch or balcony) would be ok.

I’m all for some expression of the holidays – indeed, it would be a sad sad world if we couldn’t let our neighbours express themselves. By-laws tend to force an overly strict homogenization, and we need diversity in our community. So – though check your bylaws to how you can do so – please look to express yourself!

An addenda – while (according to a poll of Florida condominiums) the winter celebrations of Christmas is the primary drive for granting public expression of faith during the winter – make sure your by-laws allow all owners, of all faiths – in spring, summer, winter, or fall – to have a chance to express their celebrations. You might even get to break the daily fast of Ramadan with a neighbour once or twice.