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You Can Be Patriotic – Just Without the Flag

Condominiums have both upsides and downsides. In a previous post I’ve indicated my dislike of sections of my bylaws. They are draconian. None the less, they are norms that I am required to meet, and I was aware of them before buying into the condominium because I was given the bylaws for review.

In Tennessee Dawn Kamin is flying a flag in disregard of her condominium bylaws.

Fox News seems to be making hay with this issue because it’s an American flag (Fox loves the American flag). I would be quite interested to see Fox News response to this story if the flag was a foreign nationality, the white flag of surrender, the United Nations flag, or a multi-coloured rainbow. I don’t think there would be quite a show in the news about poor, downtrodden, owners being subjugated by their condominium.

There is really one way for this to be solved in the owner’s favour – to convince her fellow owners to update the bylaws and include the right to fly the national flag. Otherwise Dawn, patriotic none the less, is out of bounds.

It doesn’t matter the nature of the flag, just that the flag isn’t allowed under the condominium bylaws. Love it or leave it – living in a condominium adds a whole additional layer of rules and regulations to how you live your life. In most cases, the rules will work fine with your life and style. If you really are focused on absolute individual freedoms then condominium living may not be for you.