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Chris Brown, the Anti-Model Resident for a Condominium

There is a lot that seems to be accepted as fact here – multiple loud parties, dog racing in the hallways (that’s a new one from me) and parking in handicap designated spaces by a non-handicap driver. Where to start –

It’s likely that the condominium (a building with only 7 units, so likely the entire building) is faced with a nightmare resident that disregards the entire condominium by-laws and treats his residence at the condominium without any regard for neighbours. I’ve always indicated that living in a condominium is a communal living experience, and has significantly more limitations on an owner’s rights than detached housing. Does that register in people – often not, and from personal experience the greatest violators of the communal living experience (requiring due respect of one’s neighbours) is younger owners. Chris is 22.

As well, he’s got a criminal record for assault, the records show him uttering death threats, and he runs dogs in the hallways. I will assume that he can be a very intimidating person to deal with, and likely works that angle strongly, which limits the ability of the building to deal with him.

Currently the building is in conflict with him. I am uncertain about the rules in California about boards evicting owners, but it can be done in many jurisdictions (that is, evicting on grounds other that failure to pay the condominium contribution or in the US the HOA fees). Given the tough boy role Chris has, I would simply move to pursue the legal remedies to have him removed. It’s annoying, but it’s the least confrontational approach at this time.

A condo isn’t a Crib, as it has other people who live there. For 1.6 million (the cost of the unit) he could have easily afforded a detached dwelling instead of communal living – with all the allowance for noise and off track racing he would wish. It’s hard to have sympathy for someone who simply makes terrible decisions – and it’s his decision to have his lifestyle take precedence over the other owners.

Fame, celebrity status, and money. That’s an awesome combination matched with someone with little respect over their neighbours.