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Condo Pools and Hot Tubs Can Be Difficult To Maintain

One of the condominiums I have lived in (I was renting at the time) included an amazing pool that was underutilized. It always felt clean, maintained, and well kept.

After reading an article from the Toronto Sun about a condominium hot tub with 75 infractions in two years, and reading that it can sometimes take weeks for cryptosporidium to make one sick (a parasite that can survive in poorly treated pool water), I kind of go ugggh.

I do believe that a well maintained pool adds significant value to a condominium – not only in price of the units, but more importantly lifestyle and easy access to a great physical activity. If a pool is indoors, it is even better for inland and Prairie Provinces with harsher climates and little access to public beaches.

Especially for seniors housing, access to an onsite pool can do absolute wonders in maintaining and bettering the health of the owners – if the pool is used. While city run pools may be plentiful, transportation and mobility issues for seniors may make an at-home pool truly valuable to them.

Thankfully for pool and hot tub maintenance, most indoor facilities only exist in condominiums that can also afford a full time maintenance or janitorial person.  Having a person who’s dedicated to the building will allow easy, regular scheduling of water and pool equipment testing. It also allows for dedicated training or education programs to ensure your maintenance person is qualified to maintain the facilities.

If you live in a condominium with a pool, always feel free to request the most recent inspection report from the board. Don’t take any refusal to share the report for an answer. Your condominium fees go to support the pool, and you should always feel good about any issues that could impact your health.