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HOA Board’s Thin Skin Leads to More Controversy over Giant Menorah

Rabbi Arthur Grae and HOA Legacy of Leesburg (gated retirement community, 55+ only) came to an agreement in December to place a 6.5 foot Menorah to be set up beside a 6.5 foot Christmas tree, inside the community social hall. This only happened after the Rabbi filed suit in circuit court to get this done.

The problem is both sides were dumb, especially the HOA, as they settled with an agreement that was agreed to be expressly confidential. Now, the HOA is claiming that Grae has “discussed and opined” on the terms of the agreement. It looks like the two are going to go back court.

The HOA needs to relax, back down, and learn to build community instead of infuriating it further. All that comes across to me is the board still harbours bad feelings over the whole issue and is looking for further blood. It smacks of pettiness. Issue a statement that the board has been conservative in adapting to meeting the needs of all tenants and looks forward to putting all conflict in the past. That should solve issue right away.

The board is right – that its image has been “tarnished” – but that’s because of the board, not Rabbi Arthur Grae. It is a board that decided to keep mud racking, whose actions keep tearing at the scabs of the civil suit, and who seem to me – from the way the board is handling this situation – poor performers of their duties as officers of the HOA.

And no, placing a small menorah in the social room, may not be fair or equitable if it’s not as prominent. You may as well have placed it in a closet.

HOAs and Condominiums be wary that if you’re going to place religious symbols on common, shared, property, you better get ready to pony up for displays of all your resident celebrations. It’s only fair, supportive, and proactive in building an inclusive community (unless that’s not your intention). You should also be ready to add Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jedi and other religious icons as well throughout the year.

And for all those Wicca and Pagan practitioners in the Legacy of Leesburg – don’t forget that equinox lands on 20th March this year – I would love to see 6.5 foot yellow, green and purple candles in the community’s social hall.

One response to “HOA Board’s Thin Skin Leads to More Controversy over Giant Menorah

  1. Pauric 15 February, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Dear Stephen – Arthur Grae told many lies. I have lived here since Sept 2008. I had the honor of setting up the menorah in 2008 & 2009. It was not “obscure.” I placed a 6ft sign over it that read “HAPPY HANUKKAH.” I went to this year’s lighting of the NEW $1,000 menorah, about 75 people attended. Nobody knew how to turn it “ON.” There was also a debate as to whether to lite it right to left or left to right. So much for people knowing their own faith. I returned the Second night – I was the only one. I returned the 3rd night – again only me. Each night only me ! On the last night, it was GAME NIGHT in the Hall. 16 people were there. We decided to lite the menorah – again no one knew how. I lit the first two bulbs to show everyone I knew how to operate the menorah. I AM CATHOLIC ! So much for spening $1,000. I am glad the Board is suing Arthur for his stupidity.

    Also we are NOT a “55 + ONLY” community. We are an 80% over 55, 20% under 55 comunity.

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