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Bats Protected From Condominium Evection

Now, just like there are senior’s condominiums, storage condominiums, and business condominiums – there are definitely bat condominiums. These are wood structures specifically designed with all the amenities that those cute little mammals could want. If I’m not mistaken, they come with no condominium or HOA fees as well!

What’s not necessarily expected is when bats take residence in the walls of condominiums designated for humans.  Indeed, if I found a bat hanging upside down from my bathroom door frame (which Miles Nures and Jennifer Plomt experienced), I would – with bylaws in hand – visit my condo board and have them remove those uninvited tenants too-sweet!

Now, many US states and Canadian provinces have grated bats protected status. This usually means that bats, once they have claimed a nest, cannot killed, exterminated, nor disturbed during the raising of newborns – usually from early summer through early fall.

That means, though unwanted as tenants, the Condominium cannot evict those winged bug eating stomachs (bats eat LOTS of bugs). They have the right to reside!

Now, the moment they leave, it is clearly the condominiums duty to repair and fill in all holes in the roof and siding so that their return can never, ever, happen again. Indeed, the fact that bats could reside in a condominium’s walls is a strong indication that the board is failing to perform their duties and maintain the common property correctly.

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